A Day with the Grandkids and the Sault Triathlon

Anna, our 6 year old grand-daughter, loves to take pictures and does a great job. She has a great eye and sets up the photo very carefully. She took this shot of Madelynn and I and I love it.

Last week we had the grandkids for an afternoon. Tommy & Sherry were very involved at their church with the funeral for Nick Roush, a young man from their church who was killed in Afghanistan. So we picked up the grandkids after they had spent the morning swimming with their cousins. We took them to Gun Lake and they played in the water and sand with some 'cousins' down there. So this is what it looked like in our van on the way back to their house. I'd say it was a successful day. We also took Tom's mom with us and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Yesterday was quite an exciting event here at the Soo. My sister, Kathy, organized a Sault Triathlon. We held it at a local township facility that had a covered picnic area. It was a rainy, windy and cold day as you can see from these pictures. It was only attended by Hoath family members or friends. No one else would have been interested.

The three events were pogo stick, stilts and hula hoop races. Here Tom is trying out the pogo stick; he chose not to race but was our official timekeeper.

Even my dad tried all the events. He is 81 years old now but doesn't act like it.

Dougie is encouraging my dad as he finishes the hula hoop race.

Susie, Kathy and Shawn (Kathy's son) were best on the pogo stick and stilts. Here Susie takes off on the stilts, setting a new record.

Our awards ceremonies.

Kathy, Susie and Shawn for the stilts

The same three-in different order-for the pogo sticks
I won the hula hoop race. Dougie and Shayla, Shawn's daughter's friend, also placed.
Our overall winners. I'll have to practice more to make that group.
After the games, we went out to lunch to celebrate our good time. Susie is in charge of the Sault Triathlon for next year. She gets to pick the events but I hope to hear what they are so I can practice. There are a lot of bragging rights with a win. If you're interested in participating, let us know. We welcome all entries!

We are in our last week here at the cabin because I'm working all of Sept. I actually have two jobs for Sept. One for Grand Rapids Public Schools and one for the State of Michigan. Both are for coaching in schools and they are for the same days. I don't know how I'm going to do that yet, but we will see. So we will be back in Caledonia for that time anyway. October hasn't been planned yet but may include a trip to North Carolina.


  1. The triathlon is a great idea! Those pictures of all the kids sound asleep cracked me up! It's not that far from the lake to the house either! You really did wear them out! LOL


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