Trip to Caledonia & Jennifer's Birthday

I returned to Caledonia last Friday with Jen, Madelynn and Jay. We had a great time at the Cabin even though is was too cold for swimming. Madelynn and Jay waded into the water and Jay even got to find some crayfish bones. He put them in plastic cups which is exactly what I did as a kid and my kids did too. What I didn't know as a kid was that they become smelly very quickly, so I disposed of Jay's after bedtime and he didn't remember them in the morning.

On Sunday we were invited over to Sherry's parent's house for swimming in their pool. Al and Pam are in the UP, but we enjoyed the time there with Tom & Sherry and Sherry's sisters and families. Here is our Anna jumping into the pool. All our grandchildren are confident in the pool and like doing fancy jumps and dives into the water. I'm sure they get that from their mother but Grandpa Benedict was swimming and doing fancy dives too.

This picture is Madelynn. I'm not sure which dive this is but it is fun to watch.
On Monday we celebrated Jen's birthday with a party at Caledonia Park. After the fun we had on Tom's birthday, we thought we would try a picnic for Jen's too. It was a good idea. Little Anna got cut off in this picture.

Tom and I are now back up at the Cabin. It feels like fall here. It might not make 60 today. Perfect weather for working in the yard and garden. I have vegetables planted and they're doing well. We might be eating beans by October and tomatoes by January.


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