Quick Post about Grandkids Fun

I'm copying parts of this post from my blog at saultboatwatcher.com. Time is short with Tommy, Sherry and the family here. Jen has been here since Monday and left this morning to return to Alto. She leaves for North Carolina on Friday.

Everything is more fun when it's done with grandchildren. That has been the story of my week.

This morning, we got up early and colored, played golf ball toss, flew kites, blew big bubbles, went out on the paddle boat and also went swimming all before 11 AM.

The weather was sunny and promised to be a warm day but since noon it clouded over and the temperature has been falling. The kids are now in long sleeves with sweatshirts- once they come out of the water. This afternoon there was water skiing and tubing. They get out of the water, warm up and then head back in. Today Jay got up on water skis for the first time. Jack and Madelynn also got up too but they both succeeded last summer.

This picture was taken yesterday at Birch Point near Brimley. I believe the boat is the Herbert C. Jackson. This picture will be on my computer throughout the long winter days when I'm waiting to get back to the Cabin.


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