Last Day for Grandkids-this trip

We woke up to a very foggy river yesterday and that causes everything in our yard to be covered in fog too. Our spiders are very busy every night but it made for a spooky looking anchor out front.
The fog quickly lifted and we had a perfect day. There was a stiff breeze off the water which kept it cool enough to work hard in the yard. Both kids and Jen helped out with the raking and weeding. The weeds grow so tall and strong here that we take them out of the yard and flower beds by the wheelbarrow full. The kids were a big help.

As a reward and for their last night, we went to Clyde's Restaurant for dinner. It is a drive-in that is right on the best boat watching spot in the Soo. We watched the ferry carry people back and forth to Sugar Island and wondered about what it must be like to live on an island.

While eating our dinner, the American Integrity passed by. The captain waved back to Jay but who could resist such an enthusiastic boat watcher?

There were several other boat watchers there too and one of them gave us some great information about following the boats.

We arrived back at the cabin around 1o PM which is just when it is getting dark here now. The kids went to bed so well and even Dharma joined them-but just long enough for this picture.
We're heading home this morning as soon as I get everyone up, fed and organized.


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