Last Week in Caledonia

Last week we returned to Caledonia to see our family. Jen arrived home from North Carolina for her summer vacation. Eric came to town between meetings in Chicago. We had a great time together. Each of the kids went to visit Grandma Benedict who is doing very well. You can see from the pictures how great she looks.

While we were up in the Sault, a tree beside our barn was hit by lightening. There were bark and wood splinters blown all over our yard-up to 50 - 70 feet from the tree. The only damage inside the barn seemed to be Tom's radio. But two days later, our well's electrical system burned out so we don't know if that was coincidental or not. Thankfully we were able to get it fixed the same day-thanks to Buer Well Drilling. This picture shows where the bark was blown off the tree.

We are now back at the Cabin until June 27th. We will be returning then for a family bridal shower. I'm going on a road trip this week with my friend and neighbor Bonnie. We are going to be exploring the Upper Peninsula while Bonnie calls on her clients at college bookstore. Now, I would be happy just to be exploring UP bookstores but we are going to be putting in points of interest too.


  1. It is Tuesday, and still no update on your trip across the UP! What's up?????


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