Good Morning Friends

Now these are the mornings that make memories for us here at the Cabin.  We had a beautiful sunrise over Sugar Island.  I didn't see the light show at the beginning of the sunrise.  It is always a combination of pinks and blues but happens very early here in the UP.  The first signs of morning come near 4 AM.  When I'm home in Caledonia I am up at 4:30 so I would see it but here at the Cabin I have no friends waiting for me to come run or walk.  So I see the later parts of the sunrise.

Yesterday was errand day because it was cold and rainy and that limited our outside work.  There are lots of small details to open a second home.  Mail delivery is the biggest headache.  Getting our mail to where we are is hard because we've been in so many places in the last year.  Any suggestions for easy and affordable forwarding of the mail?  Then we had to set up trash pick-up.  We also visited 4 hardware stores looking for replacement bolts for our water heater.  No luck-it's too old.

But Tom was able to fix the water heater for one more year.  It is really old but works well when it is working.  I've got hot water now and it seems like an extravagance after heating water on the stove for the past 4 days.  

Tom also replaced a headlight on my van.  All of these are very much appreciated.

Outside work today looks much more promising.  My flower gardens are covered with weeds so that will be my focus today.


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