Bonnie and I returned from our U.P. tour last night. We had a wonderful time exploring and enjoying the sights, bookstores, coffee shops and gift shops of the Upper Peninsula.

These pictures aren't in order of our trip but I have difficulty arranging pictures on this blog. If you know of an easy way to rearrange pictures, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Da Yoopers Tourist Trap is in Ispheming. The Vistors Bureau recommended it. It is a glorified gift shop but had many funny things.

This is Agate Falls which is along M-28 east of Bruce Crossings. This is the kind of beauty that is everywhere if you are looking for it.

Bergland's botanical gardens followed by Bonnie at the Baptist Church in Bergland. We think that may have been Jane's father's church. Jane and Tim Anderson are from Bergland so we stopped to take pictures of their town.

Grandpa's Barn is a wonderful bookstore in Copper Harbor. Notice the book the bear is reading. The store had a wonderful collection of books of local interest. It is where I spent the most money. They had a great book on the minerals of Michigan.

We drove the Brockway Mountain Dr. up to Copper Harbor and the Lakeshore Drive back. Both trips had wonderful scenery that reminded me of the Pacific Coast Highway we were on in February.

Eagle River Falls in the Keewenaw Peninsula

Calumet Theatre. The small towns had many interesting buildings and beautiful churches. It was a thriving area in the 1890's.

The Quincy Mine in Hancock. We didn't take the underground tour but just toured the grounds. The mine had been shut down since the late 1960's.

Once we arrived home, we put out all our books. I think we showed restraint when you consider that we were in several bookstores every day. Bonnie's Kindle is there because she bought 2 books on it while traveling.

It was a wonderful trip. I'm only giving you a few details but we saw lots of interesting sights every day.

Bonnie has now left for home and we're coming to Caledonia tomorrow.


  1. Very nice pics. Looks like you had a great time. Glad you are back safe and sound.

  2. Brenda, If you get into town today (6/27/09) and you come to Glen's before 5 PM you will be able to meet me in person. I will be the guy in the wheelchair selling raffle tickets for the Disabled American Veterans at the front door. I promise I won't force you to buy one, but do stop and say hello. I enjoy our chats and post on the computer.


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