Back in Caledoina

We had a busy week at the cabin and returned to Caledonia yesterday. We got lots of yard work done but there is still lots to do. Sault Ste. Marie is offering community garden spots behind my parent's house and I told my dad I wanted to put in one. So he tilled and raked up the spot but I haven't even had time to plant it. I was going to do that on Thursday but the spot was too wet. This wet and cool spring hasn't been good for growing. Lilacs and apple blossoms are out there because everything seems late this year.

Jen arrived safely after a 14 hour drive. She was stuck in traffic near Ann Arbor for an hour but other than that, her trip went well. She had her 3 pets with her which made the trip a bit more difficult.

Tonight Eric is driving to town from Chicago where he has been working for a couple of days. He will be here until Tuesday so we are looking forward to spending time with two of our kids.


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