Robbie's Open House

Robbie with his 'big' friend Steve.  Below is Robbie, Steve, Kaylena, his girlfriend and friends, Karen and Justin.

My youngest sister, Susie, had her only child on Tom's birthday, July 4, 1991.  Robbie has always been special to us so we were excited to attend his open house for his graduation from Brimley High School on Friday night.  It was held at the Soo Line Lodge which is west of Brimley and a great place for a party.

In this picture you see my brother's daughter, Ashley, Tom (my husband) my father, Jack, my mom, Lois and Uncle Charles. 

Susie put together a video of pictures and this one is for Jennifer.  Dharma made the video.  Dharma is our daughter Jennifer's dog.

My mother has made each of her grandchildren a quilt for high school graduation.  She lets them pick the design and the colors.  Robbie wanted a quilt about life at Birch Point where he grew up and where my parents lived until a few years ago.  The quilt is stunningly beautiful with scenes such as a lighthouse, bonfires, freighters, and sailboats.  It is hand quilted-which Mom did all by herself.

We had a fun time of family visiting and great food.  The Soo Line Lodge is a good place for family parties with ample kitchen, lots of sleeping room and plenty of room for socializing.


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