River Bank Run & Mother's Day

Yesterday was great fun as Joyce and I ran in our 16th River Bank Run.  The River Bank Run changed some race times so I didn't get to even see Joyce.  Joyce ran the 25K and I ran the 5K so I was done running about the time she started.  It was a little unorganized at the beginning this year.  This picture was taken just before the race began.  All those people are runners and we were really packed in tight.  In total there were over 17,000 participants in all the categories.

The next three pictures were taken as I approached the final turn.    It looks dark because it was raining so hard.
Seventeen years ago during a Mother's Day celebration, I picked up the Grand Rapids Press and saw the story about the Old Kent River Bank Run.  "I would love to run it that," I said even though I wasn't a runner and not even athletic.  But Joyce said she wanted to do that too.  It wasn't until the next Feb. when I finally put my feet to the payment.  Sherry and I started running (walking mostly for me) in our church gym.  The second day Joyce joined us.  And we've been at it every year since then.  The first few weeks we were running 7 days a week but soon learned that 7 days was too much.
After two months we began running outdoors and have continued outside since then.  All year round, we're out at 5 AM hitting the payment.  Our personal rule is that we don't run if the wind chill is lower than -10 degrees, or if it is a snow day from school or if it is icy. We rarely miss a day.

 It has been the most wonderful experience because even though I am not athletic and a terribly slow runner, I am out there several times a week.

Today we celebrated the Benedict Mother's Day at Mom's home in Alto.  As you can see, we filled up the living room.  There were 17 of us to celebrate Mother's Day, my birthday and my niece, Britney's birthday.  Everyone was so busy enjoying the food, they didn't even notice that I took a couple of pictures.

Sherry made me an out-of-this world chocolate torte which everyone enjoyed.  Little Jack (6 years old) ate two big pieces.  I was able to bring a couple of pieces home with me.  

We were so full of food when we left but on our way home we passed Campeau Corners and they were giving away free ice cream sundaes to mothers.  Any size-any type.  I had to stop and have a turtle  sundae.  What a nice treat.  


  1. RATS! I missed your birthday! I promised myself I wouldn't miss it this year but I was in Wheaton and didn't have my computer with me to remind me! Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Thanks Dave. What was going on at Wheaton? We're hoping to be getting up to the Cabin in a couple of weeks.


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