My Birthday

I had a great birthday on Tuesday.  I received phone calls from my family.  My mom called at 6:50 AM so she wouldn't miss me before work.  My brother Tim called as well as Jen, Kristen, & Eric.  Tommy and Sherry had us over for a birthday dinner and fun with the kids.  Tom gave me flowers that we used for a centerpiece and I've been enjoying them since.  Fresh flowers are such an extravagance which makes them special gift.  I also got a beautiful gold and silver bracelet from Tom.  Very thoughtful gifts.

You can see the fun we had with the kids.  Sherry made a delicious meal of my favorite things.  I picked tacos which was very fitting for Cinco de Mayo.  Since I work in three Hispanic schools, I thought I would see many celebrations for Cinco de Mayo but I was disappointed to learn that nothing special was going on because "they don't have time."  There is too much curriculum that has to be covered-even for Kindergartners.  That is really sad.  But it shows the pressure that the Grand Rapids Public School teachers are under.

Jennifer sent a box of goodies from Bath and Body Works which are my favorite.  Kristen got me a subscription to the magazine Arizona Highways digitally.  She said that way I don't have to have it forwarded, it just comes on my computer every month.  That way whether I'm in the UP or Phoenix or anywhere in between, I will get my magazine.

Eric & Jess got me two domain names-which gives me my own place for my blogs and eventually email.  You can access my blog like you always have or you can now use these addresses:

My kids are so techie and I love it.  I'm looking forward to learning more about my web domains which I may be able to develop into a web site.  

River Bank Run is this weekend.  Joyce and I will be running for the 16th time.  The weather doesn't sound good but we are used to running through the worst winter can bring so I guess a little rain and wind won't bother us.


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