Sunday Happenings

Yesterday we had an open house for the sale of our home.  We placed in on the market a few weeks ago.  Our realtor had told us the best weather for an open house was light rain.  If it is sunny, people find things to do like golfing or riding bikes and if it is raining too hard they won't come.  So I think yesterday was perfect.  There was one couple already before we left (about 1:50) but we haven't heard from the realtor yet how many more people there were.

Tom & I went down to Tommy and Sherry's.   We had a fun time with the grandkids.  Anna (5 yr.old)  kept waiting on us.  "Is there anything you need."  She went and got me a blanket, a pen, and for Tom a snack and a pop.  She asked him if he wanted an apple. 
Tom - "Sure"
Anna  "Do you want red or green?"
Tom "Red"
Anna-"They aren't all red.  They have some green on them."
Tom-"That's ok."
Anna leaves and comes back in about 5 minutes.  "There aren't any apples.  Someone ate them all on our trip."  

So Tom had a fruit snack.  It was too cute.

We were taken care of very well.  

We had a good day at Ada Bible.  We saw the Washburns and the Mulders, our dear friends from Shiloh which made the day special.


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