Reasons to Celebrate

The past week gave us some great reasons to celebrate in our family. 

      On Sunday night Madelynn and Jay, our two oldest grandchildren, were baptized.  It was a celebration of their declaration of their faith.  They are both very clear about their trust and faith in Christ and it was a blessing to be there to see it.  After the church service, we went over to Tom & Sherry's for a time with Sherry's family.  We had a meal of pancakes and all the fixings.  There was lots of love, food, cousins and fun.

Jay took time out from all the fun to have some reading time.  It warms Grandma's heart to see her grandchildren love books.

     On Tuesday we celebrated Mom's birthday with her.  We had a great time with cake, gifts and fun.  Mom is a joy to be with and is spreading that joy to her great-grandchildren who call her Grandma B.  Her contentment and wisdom enrich our lives and we are so happy she has had such a healthy year.

     Today I had a coffee and lunch with dear friends.  Kathi Armstrong is my long-time best friend from all the way back in 8th grade in the Soo.  We met for coffee and were joined by my friends Bonnie and Jane.  They have been reading and enjoying Summer Setting, Kathi's blog and wanted to meet her in person.  I was very happy to introduce my dear friends to each other. 


  1. It's great to see all the pictures, and see you get caught up!

  2. Thanks Auntie Ski. It is hard when the fun times make it hard to find time to blog. How are things with you?

  3. I enjoyed every moment of our visit. To the point that I agreed to let someone snap my picture. Rare! I guess I must have been having too much fun to be a wet blanket. I want a do-over (meeting, not picture).


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