The First Dandelion Appears

Tom's Grandma Inman always said that you couldn't go barefoot until the first dandelion showed up in the yard.  So now we can go barefoot because our front yard is breaking out in dandelions like a child with breaking out with the spots of chicken pox.   I think all the fertilizer we put on the yard to green up the grass was really like junk food to those dandelions.  They are certainly flourishing.

My daffodils ls are blooming and very lovely.  It has taken me years to find the right place for them and now I will be leaving them to the new owner. (If we sell the house)

I planted about 40 tulip bulbs in the fall of 2007.  Last year 28 of them bloomed and this year we are down to 2.  I think my garden must have been the Golden Corral Buffet for the mice over the winter.

I love ornamental grasses and had a large group growing at the front of the house.  They were growing higher than the eaves and Tom thought they looked out of proportion to the house.  I like grasses so much that the bigger the better in my book.  But after  cutting back last year's growth with the chainsaw, we moved them to along side the pole barn where they can grow to their heart's content.  Luckily we had Tom's loader to dig them up.  They must have weighed 100 lbs. each-just the roots and a short stem.  I think it will be a great ornamental grass garden but don't know if I'll be here to see it.

You can see the mole paddies in the picture too.  Maybe they have something to do with my disappearing tulips.


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