Signs of Spring

Yesterday it was 72 degrees here so we took off on the motorcycle.  It was the first ride of the season for me.  Tom had been out a couple of times last weekend.  The weather has turned cool again so I'm glad we went.  It was a beautiful day.

We headed toward Lake Odessa and found the DQ open.  Great place to celebrate spring!

This morning I encountered another sign of spring-a pothole.  Joyce and I were running and I didn't see the pothole because it had an asphalt patch around it and we were running in the dark. I went flying down and couldn't stop myself.  It felt like I was in slow motion.  I'm fine but have a split lip and some scrapes on my face, hands and one knee.

I'm putting the pictures to show off my sports injuries-I haven't had many.  Joyce and I have been running together for 16  years.


  1. Oh Brenda! Tom told me about your fall and the pictures make me hurt for you! I think those injuries probably hurt far more than any part of my surgery did! So sorry!

  2. Thanks Dave. I don't think there is any comparison between my scrapes and your surgery. I'm almost healed up now. Tom did say that you are almost back to your normal schedule. That is wonderful news. The worst part of my ordeal was the doctor saying to me "at your age". Whatever follows that phrase can't be good.


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