Hoath Girls Weekend 2009

Last Friday we left for the Soo around 9 AM.  As you will notice in the pictures there were boys in the car.  Tommy, Jay and Jack went up with us to spend time with Grandpa while the girls were away.

I used the time in the car to try out some new writing lessons on the kids.  (Poor kids to have a grandma who teaches writing).  They worked very hard and we have a cute book now about what they would take to grandma's house.  It was based on the book 'The Bag I Take to Grandma's House' by Shirley Neitzel.  By the way, Shirley won the Frostic Award from the Michigan Reading Association last week.  She formerly taught at Kettle Lake School and was Eric's teacher for 3rd grade.

Jack sat next to me and had even brought homework from school to work with me.  They called it playing school and called me Mrs. Benedict.  I think playing school is much more fun than real school.
We arrived in the Sault and spent some time visiting my parents.  Then the girls left and met at the EUP Learning Center-Sault Campus.  That is Susie's tutoring center which was transformed into a big slumber party for Friday night.
Once we got settled at the Center, we went to Zorba's-my favorite Greek restaurant, for a fun dinner.
When we returned to the Center, we celebrated my mom's 79th birthday with presents, cake and lots of fun.  We then played bingo.  Each of us brought bingo prizes so there was great excitement over the games.  The most highly prized item was the vanilla that Susie had brought back from Mexico.

My niece Ashley couldn't come to the party because she had to work delivering pizza. So we ordered a pizza and asked for Ashley to deliver it. 
The little girls, Anna, Madelynn and Kamden had a great time playing together.  Here they are making crafts with some of the bingo prizes.
There is still lots of snow in the Sault and it isn't very spring-like there yet.  This is Dad, Kathy and Zoey, my parent's new puppy.
Happy Birthday to Mom.  Notice the Center-it was a great place to have a party.


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