At Your Age!

I have one more thought to share about my trip to the doctor after my fall while running.  The doctor was explaining signs that I should watch for such as dizziness, confusion etc.  Then she uttered words that I had never heard from a doctor before: "At your age".  She was explaining that when I tripped I couldn't stop myself as easily as before.  

I had never thought that I was at that age but I guess I am.  But I am pleased to report that my recovery was very fast and I resumed running on Wednesday with no ill side effects.  

I found an At Your Age website that tells you great accomplishments made by people when they were your age.  I entered my age expecting some wonderful, amazing events.  Here's what I found:

At age 58: Sony chairman Akio Morita introduced the Sony Walkman, even though nobody seemed to like the idea prior to its release. President Thomas Jefferson introduced the custom of having White House guests shake hands instead of bowing stiffly. Jacob Perkins created a compression machine, paving the way for the invention of gas refrigeration.

There isn't anything life-changing in any of them. I guess 58 isn't the time of great productivity. But I'm trying to change that.


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