Where Are We?

Can you tell we're not in Arizona anymore?  We arrived here in Minneapolis this evening-conveniently one day after they were hit hard with 8 - 9 inches of snow.  But it is very cold.  Luckily Kristen sent some clothes home with me that she doesn't need anymore and that included a down jacket, so I dug it out and wore it.  Tom just put layers on and claimed to be warm enough, although they have a wind chill advisory tonight and tomorrow.

If you read my blog yesterday about Greensburg, Kansas, you might be interested in reading more about it.  Anita commented on my blog and said, "Very nice blog. I live in Greensburg,(6 generations of my family have lived here) and wanted to invite you to view the website I work on at http://greensburggreentown.org. We are a non-profit org. helping Greensburg residents and others learn about green building and sustainable living."

I went to the website and read some very interesting items-including that President Obama mentioned Greensburg in his speech this week to the joint session of Congress.  It would be worth your time to go there.  Greensburg GreenTown


  1. Brenda! Thanks for the sending my your blog address! I've missed following your trip. Thanks also for your prayers. We really enjoyed having you. You make Shafter, CA look really good on your blog! Come back soon.


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