What's It Like in Shafter?

We have been in Shafter, California the past three days visiting Dave & Mia Moorhead.  Shafter is near Bakersfield which is in the San Joaquin Valley.  This valley is an extremely fertile area with a desert climate.  The desert has been irrigated and huge farms abound.  The valley is rimmed by mountains on all sides.  There was a snow fall yesterday in the southern mountains and we could see them far in the distance.  Dave says they are about 60 miles away.

Ben, Dave & Mia's son, works on an almond farm.  It is owned by a family from New Hope Community Church.  We had a tour of the area today and got to tour the facility where Ben works.  This time of year Ben is involved in sorting almonds by size.  You can see him moving huge pallets of almonds.  The operation is huge and  it was fascinating.

The San Joaquin Valley produces 100% of the US almond crop and 80% of the world's almonds.  The valley also grows other kinds of nuts,  fruit and vegetables.

Each of these containers holds 2600 lbs. on almonds and there was a whole warehouse with them stacked to the ceiling

Here we are back at the Moorhead's.   The big news for Shiloh people is that Dave is now wearing cowboy boots.  This is standard apparel in the valley and Dave has found that they are very comfortable.


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