Weekend News

Saturday morning Kristen and I were up bright and early to go pick up our Bountiful Basket.  Bountiful Baskets is a program that distributes produce.  You place and pay for your order on-line and then pick it up at a park on Saturday morning.  You are assigned a time for pickup-ours was 7:30 AM.  You get a basket of fruit and another of vegetables for $15.  It is wonderful.  Once we got home, we were cutting up fruit and taking care of the veggies.

This is a photo of basket pick-up.

Later Saturday morning, we went to the FBR Open, the PGA tourney here.  There were almost 165,000 people there.  Unbelievably crowded.  We didn't see much golf but the people watching was wonderful.  Every kind of outfit you can imagine.  Kristen had gotten 2 tickets to a hospitality venue so Tom graciously offered to wait for us.  We ate very well with all kinds of meat, salads, desserts, drinks and all the trimmings.  After that, we took Tom to the Food Court and he had a brat.  I'm still feeling guilty about that.

With all those people, we were walking around and Kristen spotted Amy & Alex.   It was good to see them.  We hadn't seen Alex yet on this trip.   We had a nice visit with them.  

By late afternoon the crowd was getting a bit rowdy-too much partying, so we left and watched the rest of the tourney on TV back at the apartment.  The whole day was lots of fun and we have some good stories about people from the tourney.

Today we were back at church at Christ Church of Scottsdale.  The regular pastor was back after being gone last week and we were glad.  It's funny how you get so possessive about the regular way of doing things.  (This is only our third week there.)  He finished his series on Moses and we were blessed by it.

We went back to 5 & Diner for breakfast following the service.  

The place reminds me so much of the Woolworths where I worked in high school.  The food is great. Not as good as Woolworths though because my grandma was the cook. 

They even have a senior menu and I qualify for their age cut-off  -55.  Most of the time, I don't qualify because the cut-off is 60- at least for the next year and a half.

We're watching the Super Bowl right now and loved the half-time show.  I fixed chicken wings and frozen pizza.  Just the two of us for a quiet day.


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