Surfing in Arizona

We had a relaxing weekend after such a busy two weeks in California.  Friday we went to bargain day at the movies and saw Slumdog Millionaire.  It was excellent and that made it fun watching the Oscars last night because the movie won 8 awards.  We then went looking for a new computer for me.  My computer has been acting up but we didn't find what we wanted and then I was able to get my computer working well again, so we will see.

  Saturday we went to an Arizona State University baseball game.  They played University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  It wasn't even close-I think Arizona teams have such an advantage over Midwest teams because they can be outside practicing so much of the year.  But the best part of the game was just being able to sit outside without being bundled up.

Yesterday we attended church, went out for breakfast and then relaxed watching the NASCAR race and the Academy Awards.  We also took Kristen out to help us find a laptop for me but once again, computer shopping is overwhelming.  You can't just compare one computer store to another because they have so many different options.  If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

Today we are going to the International Reading Association Convention in Phoenix.  I read about it in the paper yesterday and just couldn't pass it up.  Tom is going with me-what a husband.

Kristen always tells us that we spend too much time on the computer.  She says we're addicted.  Actually, we are addicted to hearing about our family back home. But yesterday she was surfing on my computer, so I snapped the picture to show that she likes to 'surf' too.

Our time is coming to a close here.  Tomorrow will be packing day for a Wednesday departure.


  1. What??? Another Computer???? What in the world???

  2. Looks like I've got the settings on my computer working so I don't really need one. Tom wants to give Kristen my computer because she doesn't have a laptop, so that is really the thinking behind this whole thing.


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