New Hope Community Church

Today we are in Shafter, California visiting Dave & Mia Moorhead, our pastor and wife from Caledonia.  We attended their new church, New Hope Community Church.  They are meeting in a youth canter close to their home.  There were many similarities to the work at Dutton School.

Here is the music/worship team preparing for worship.  Yes, Dave is playing the guitar.  The team sounded very good and we sang some of our favorites including "How Great Thou Art".  They also had a children's choir who presented.  It was so good to hear Dave preach again.  His sermon on Nehemiah 5 was very applicable to the economic situation in our country today.  You might want to look at it.

There is lots of work to a church that meets in a public building setting up and tearing down every Sunday.

We also spent some time learning about Shafter.  It is a small town outside of Bakersfield.  In some ways, it feels like a town from the 1960's.  Small town with close families.  The girls can walk to Shafter High School.  We walked there this afternoon and it is 2 blocks away.
The town park  is across the street from Dave & Mia.  The families of Shafter spent lots of time there.  New Hope Community Church was part of a community-wide harvest party there on Halloween.


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