'Home' in Phoenix

Monday was a wonderful day spent with Kathy & Phil at their bike shop, Sprockets.  They have a well-stocked shop and it really gave me the bug to start biking more.  Kathy and Phil left Wednesday for a biking tour of Italy.  This is their second time to explore the southern Mediterranean area.

We were there to watch the bike race, Tour of California.  An added benefit was that many of Kathy and Phil's friends came to see the race there too.  We had fun meeting some interesting people who were friendly and open.   The friends are a very supportive circle for Kathy & Phil.  

We did get to see Lance Armstrong pass in the race.  He is the fifth rider in this picture. Tour of California is still running and wraps up today.

Kathy & Phil made it fun for the spectators with popcorn and lots of bike people enjoying the race.

Link, Kathy & Phil's dog enjoyed the day too.  He goes to work every day with them.

After a great lunch with Kathy and Phil, we hit the road and made it to Las Vegas by late evening.  What a world Las Vegas is.  This picture is from New York New York.  We spent most of our time touring casinos.  Each one is a world of its own.

This picture is taken in the lobby of the Bellagio. The Chihuly sculpture 'Fiori di Como' has over 2,000 hand-blown glass flowers.  The Bellagio is styled like an Italian village and very beautiful.

We stayed at Circus Circus which includes an amusement park and on-going circus acts.

We explored the Las Vegas area and visited the NASCAR track.  The race takes place there on March 1 but it was very quiet there right now.

We left Las Vegas yesterday and returned to Phoenix.  On the trip we crossed the Hoover Dam and had a beautiful drive down through the mountains of Arizona.  Our last meal was at the Cowboy Cafe in Wickenberg Arizona.  The entire trip was fantastic and we had such a great time seeing the sights but even more wonderful was the dear people we spent time with.


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