Exploring Phoenix

Today we went sightseeing in Phoenix and really saw more than we planned because I entered the info into the GPS incorrectly.  Tom said, "This really doesn't seem like the right way."  And he was right, but we saw new parts of the town.

We eventually made it to the Biltmore Resort.  This famous motel was built in 1929 under the guidance of Frank Lloyd Wright after he was called in to help the original
 architect.   You will see his touch in these pictures

These first pictures are from the lobby.

We walked around the gardens and there were stunning.  There were lots of flowers which is unusual for this area.  Most gardens are desert gardens with lots of cactus and rocks.

There is an outdoor restaurant and lots of outdoor seating.

After the Biltmore, we went to Tempe and Arizona State University.  We had attended some softball games there last Feb. and ASU went on to win the national championship.  Today was opening day of the 2009 season.

They were playing McNeese University and we expected to see them tromp McNeese.  But it was a great game and went into an extra inning before Arizona won after trailing most of the game.
When we arrived at the game it was 83 degrees and at the end, it had cooled down to 73 degrees.  We feel very blessed to be able to enjoy such great weather.


  1. We're really exciting about seeing you on Saturday! I'm trying hard to write a good sermon for Sunday so you won't think I've been loafing. The weather forecast isn't too exciting. It's supposed to be rainy and chilly so Tom won't be able to show off those legs here in Shafter. Jeans and cowboy boots are the order of the day!

  2. Beautiful Pictures Brenda!


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