What We Are Looking Forward to

I was just checking out our travel weather and it looks good today.  The Phoenix National Weather Service forecast is something special.  You might enjoy looking at it.  Sunny everyday.  As a sun-deprived Michigander, it looks great.

We will be on the road soon and hope to make it far into Texas today.  

I just watched the Today Show and I am really looking forward to the Inauguration next week.  But I don't know what the fuss is about Michelle Obama's mother moving into the White House.  As a mother-in-law, I might be a little sensitive about the jokes being made about it.  What do you think?


  1. I agree, what's the fuss? The Obama's are VERY fortunate to have Michelle's mother with them to help with such small children. They are going to be VERY busy with other things, and it's a blessing to have someone they trust to always have the girls best interests in mind! Send us some sunshine B!

  2. If Tommy ever became President, the White House would be big enough to have Mom come and live with us. :) Sherry

  3. Thanks for the invitation Sherry. How about if Madelynn becomes president. Could we both move into the White House?

    Now were you saying you need a really big house for me to move in? :)


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