Our Team is Going to the Superbowl

We spent a fun afternoon watching the Arizona Cardinals play the Philadelphia Eagles in football.  This entire town is crazy for football right now.   The pastor said this morning that the early service that we were at was as full as the second service usually is.  He asked how many people came to the early service so they could watch the football game. ( Remember we are two hours behind Eastern Standard Time.)  Lots of people had.

Now we are watching the Steelers play the Baltimore Ravens.  Chris, Kristen's boyfriend, is a big Steelers fan because he went to school in Pittsburgh.

Lots of goodies to snack on during the games
Kristen's big screen TV
All decked out for the Steelers game -Kristen had to change out of her Cardinals shirt after the Cardinals won their game.


  1. WooHoo! So for her next job Kristen is going out for cheerleader? I get that. So am I now supposed to say the Steelers are going to win the next game? Tom? your advice? We went to the restaurant on 68th street tonight. You know the one that was 68th street grill, then home plate diner and now Lynda's diner. It was less busy than when we were there before. Dorothy Cooley was playing the guitar though so that was a nice touch. AT least I thought so. It wasn't much fun though - I missed you guys. I know you're having fun though. And that's what time off is all about.


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