We are in Big Spring Texas right now.   We stayed here last Feb. but not at the same hotel.  We learned our lesson then and got a better place now.  We pushed hard today but saw some beautiful country.

We crossed the Mississippi River early and although it doesn't compare to the St. Marys River, it was quite a sight.

I know that isn't a good picture but we were surprised by the river and by the time I got my camera out we were almost past.  

We skirted around the south end of Dallas and were glad we weren't closer.  It looked great from the distance.

We also played chicken with a semi driver but no one was harmed in this stunt.  More about thislater in the blog.

We met a couple of interesting people today.  First, at a Dairy Queen, we struck up a conversation with a police officer.  After leaving, he came back in and brought us a Texas map.  What a nice gesture.

Then our waitress at dinner started telling us about life in west Texas and actually sat down at the table to talk with us.  We learned lots about this town, including an oil refinery explosion last year and the fact that she has always lived here and hates the summers.

Oh, about the semi-we didn't play chicken with him.  This was a semi being towed by another.  Just a little blog joke! 

Thanks for reading, Brenda


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