Trip to the Library

Yesterday's fun included a trip to the Scottsdale Library.  They have 4 branches and we went to what we thought was the closest.  The library was well-equipped with computers and they were in use and most of the patrons were 'old' people.  Of course, it was in the morning but that does seem to be true of Scottsdale-lots of gray haired people around here.

This is the cactus garden outside the library.  These saguaro cactus are beautiful and in abundance around here.

Kristen tells me there is a closer library which she is going to take me to tonight.

We actually had rain during the night.  The locals are delighted and there is more rain predicted tonight.  It is nice of them to have the rain come after dark.  

Our morning walk this morning ended at Dunkin Donuts.  They are running a special -if you bring in a competitor's cup, you get  a free cup of coffee.  We had Tom's cup from Starbucks yesterday so that worked well.    We resisted temptation to have anything sweet.  We would have had to take another walk. 


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