Sunday's Report

We had a great day yesterday.  We attended church with Kristen.  Again, I learned some new worship songs.  I had never heard any that they did but really liked several of them.  My favorite was Voice of the Savior.  When I did some research I found it had been done by Mandisa, an American Idol 9th place winner.  You can click on the title and hear her sing it.

After resting in the afternoon from our big day on Saturday, we had a delicious dinner prepared  by Chris & Kristen.  We had steaks and potatoes grilled by Chris.  Kristen made a seafood soup and steamed summer squash.  We ended with pecan pie from Rock Springs Cafe and ice cream.

Today, I connected with a cousin of mine from Minnesota.  I just thought about her and wondered if she might have a Facebook page.  I did a Facebook search and thought I had found her so I  sent a friend request. (If you aren't on Facebook, none of that made sense).  Within 30 minutes I had heard back.  She is currently in Grand Rapids because her daughter was involved in a auto accident and is in critical condition.  You can read about the accident at  If you are on Facebook member, there is a prayer group:Ann Baker Prayer Update.  I know the family would appreciate your prayers during this difficult time.

My day today has consisted of housecleaning, errands and paperwork for my job with Grand Rapids Public Schools.  Kristen and I are going to workout when she gets home from work to make up for the big meal yesterday and the stop at Rock Springs Pie Company.


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