Not Much to Report

I don't have much to tell you today.  Yesterday was devoted to watching the Inauguration.  Because we are two hours behind the Eastern Time Zone, coverage started very early and lasted well into the night.  

We didn't sit in front of the TV all day.  In the afternoon, we spent time at the pool and Tom even went in the water for a refreshing swim.  The weather is unusally warm here right now with temps near 80 everyday.  We are loving it.

We went out to dinner last night to Boston Market.  We always liked the one in Cascade and were disappointed when it closed.  But there are many Boston Markets here.  With the help of the GPS, we found one 3 miles from here.  I don't know of any restaurant that isn't close by.  I'm trying to convince Tom that 3 miles is within walking distance.

We also found a Starbucks that is even closer than Dunkin Donuts.  We haven't tried it yet but will soon I'm sure.

This town is Super Bowl crazy.  There was a funny story on the news last night about two Cardinal fans who took it too far.  They made a visit to Donovan McNabb's home here in the Valley.  You can read it at Two Arrested in Defacing Chandler Home.


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