North Carolina 1-10-09

We arrived at Jen's home about 8:30 last night. Our trip was uneventful which was wonderful because there was a snow storm kicking at our heels.  We were only about 30 minutes ahead of it.  While sitting and eating lunch near Columbus, Ohio, the waitress told us a storm was predicted to hit very soon.  Then it started snowing, so we hurried up and got going.

We saw snow on the ground until we crossed into Virginia and then although it was cold, there was no white stuff.  There was also this bright, shiny object in the sky and we weren't sure what it was but I hear it is called the 'sun'.

The first thing we did this morning was get all the salt and slush washed off our car.  Jen's internet has been down so Tom and I are sitting in a Moe's Southwest restaurant right now.  Tom is doing a few fix-up jobs for Jen, so we're off to the hardware store to pick up supplies.

We brought Graham, Jen's cat,  back to her and there is lots of tension between Graham and M & M, Jen's other cat.  Jen is confident they will all adjust to each other but I'm not so sure.

Tonight we're going to watch the Carolina Panthers play the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL playoffs.  Kristen just called to remind us,  that although we are in North Carolina, we are heading to Phoenix, so we should cheer for the Cardinals.  I hope to be in a comfy chair with a good book during the game but I'm sure Tom will be watching.

We send our love to everyone.  Thanks for reading this and please send reports/comments to let us know what you are doing.  Love, Brenda


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