New Library & Hard Times

Phoenix Library where we visited.

Kristen took me to a different library last night that is closer to us.  It is a branch of the Phoenix Library.  I was looking for The Invention of Air,  a new book about the life of Joseph Priestly.  I was told that the Phoenix Library has no funds for new books and hasn't ordered anything in the last 6 months.  My request was published in December so there was no hope of finding it in the library.  How sad!

The Phoenix area is suffering from economic hardtimes but not as significant as Michigan's troubles.

So many people here have moved from either the Midwest or the East Coast.  In Michigan we are always talking about the weather.  Because every day is pretty much the same here-warm and sunny, I haven't heard much talk about it.  What people do talk about is the weather back 'home' either with their kids or their parents.

Yesterday was a different story.  There were clouds and rain.  I was at a beauty shop for a hair cut and the employees were looking out the windows at the clouds and commenting how bad it looked.  "Looks like snow clouds to me"  one person said.  I looked and thought those are not snow clouds.  Just dark, fluffy cumulus clouds.

People always ask where you are from and often will have a family member in Michigan.  Even the cart guy at the grocery store saw our Michigan license plate and told me that his father lived in Traverse City.



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