In the Deep South

We left Jen's house this morning and headed south.  We decided to take a southern route to avoid the possibility of winter weather.  We have heard about the pending storm coming to the Midwest.

Our first stop was about 5 miles from Jen's house at a Waffle House.  Tom has long wanted to go to Waffle House but I have always been leary because I heard they weren't too clean.  Jen had been to this one and said it was great.  We had a delicious breakfast and that was our last full meal of the day.
We traveled out of North Carolina, across the northwest corner of South Carolina and into
Georgia.  We passed through Atlanta about noon and the traffic wasn't too bad.

Later we traveled through Alabama and stopped at Talledaga Superspeedway-one of the premier NASCAR tracks.  We couldn't get into the track but enjoyed seeing the area.

We have stopped for the night in Clinton, Mississippi.  We are close to the Louisiana border.  I have never been in Louisiana before and I'm looking forward to discovering something new tomorrow.

I'm having trouble with the pictures tonight and can't get them to move in the blog.  The top pictures are from Talledaga and the Atlanta skyline.


  1. Yea Waffle House! I love 'em! That's the only place Elliot would take Mia on their honeymoon! Ya gotta love 'em!


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