First Day in Arizona

One highlight of our driving yesterday was stopping in El Paso, Texas for lunch.  We used the book, USA On the Road, that we received last Christmas from Eric and Jess, to locate an authentic Mexican resturant.  Leo's gave us a look at life in El Paso and a great taste of Mexican food.

We got to bed early last night but woke this morning ready to go.  After breakfast, we got in the car (something we said we never wanted to do again last night) and went out to get our bearings.  Kristen has an unique apartment.  On the south side of the complex is Bell Road, the 28th Street of this area.  On the north side is a farm field with cows grazing.  We have the best of both worlds.

We were looking for a coffee shop within walking distance.  So far, we have found a Dunkin Donuts.  We'll look for more tomorrow.  We also went to Home Depot, Walmart and Fryes-the grocery store.  We realized that all of these are within walking distance for us.

Kristen had some jobs for her dad such as fixing her dining room chairs and some drawers from our dresser and we needed some supplies.  We had to return to Home Depot and walked this time.  Just think Jack-you can walk to Home Depot.  We might just make it our place to walk for exercise.

We also checked out the pool here.  There are two in the complex and both beautiful.  They have whirlpool which we might try tomorrow.

That is Kristen's building in the back of the 2nd picture.  Her apartment is on the third floor.

I'm making dinner for Kristen and Chris tonight and it has to be healthy.  I'm making pork tenderloin with orange sauce, yams, corn on the cob and rolls.  I wish I had Mike Washburn's recipe for the tenderloin and sauce.  We had a memorable meal there on Christmas Eve.


  1. Those pools sure look inviting!!! Do you have room for one more (with the possibility of some tag-alongs)?


  2. Are you really thinking about coming?

  3. Ah, El Paso. Some great memories of El Paso. You should have stopped in Las Cruces to meet Mia's folks! Now THAT would have been something to blog about!


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