A Day with the Comptons

Wednesday was a full day for us visiting in Sun City West.  We spent the day the Glenn and Glenda Compton, former teachers from Caledonia High School.  Glenn was Tom's first football coach in 9th grade.  Glenda was his U.S. history teacher.  They live a very active fun life here, making the most of the retirement community life.

The Comptons live in Sun City West with is an age restricted community with all kinds of activities and recreation opportunities.  After having coffee and catching up, we took off for line dancing.  The Comptons are really good and we struggled to keep up but it was great fun.

We don't look nearly so nimble as Glenn and Glenda but Tom definitely did well.

This is the Compton's home in Sun City West.

After a quick lunch, we were out minature golfing.  Glenn is a great athlete and beat all of us.  
I had the shot of the day however.  I had to stand on this obstacle but made the shot!
While at my grandmother's funeral a few weeks ago, I had learned that a cousin of my dad lived in Sun City West.  So while we were at the Compton's, I gave Vivian Johnson a call and found she lived very close by.  Tom and I went over to see her.   She has a beautiful home and also has a home near us  at the cabin.  We hope to spend more time with her this month and also get together up north in the summer.

Later we went out to dinner with the Comptons and their friends, Fabi and Joe.  We returned to Kristen's at about 10 PM.  We were exhausted but had a very fun day.


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