Day of Writing

Friday was a work day for me.  You might think that I don't have any work to do but I do.  I would like to be a writer 'when I grow up' and so that is what I am working on.

I do a weekly column for a NASCAR website at  I am the Saturday columnist and my work is always due in on Friday morning.  This is the off-season for NASCAR and so writing the column takes a little more research right now.  You can get to my column directly at Insider Racing

I am also working on a novel for middle-school age kids and one of my goals for this trip is to finish that book.  Friday was very productive as I finished off three chapters.  When you write, you are never actually done with the writing.  You can always improve a piece of writing.  So the chapters are finished off for right now.

My novel is the story of Jane Johnston who really lived in Sault Ste. Marie in the early 1800's.  If you come to the Soo and visit during the summer, you can visit the Johnston House and hear stories of the early days.

Tom and I also went to a movie.  When we are in the Soo, we have our weekly trip to the movies on BYOB day (bring your own bowl) when popcorn is 50 cents if you bring your own bowl.  So we looked for a bargain theater here.  We found one close by that has $5 movies before noon on Friday.  We saw Mall Cop which was actually pretty funny.  The movie had no swearing, sex or violence and would be good for kids.  It is mindless fun with not much plot.

The popcorn wasn't 50 cents and actually cost more than the admission tickets.

In the afternoon, we went on a walk which is becoming our daily routine.  Everyday, we walk a different neighborhood and we are amazed at the beautiful homes we are seeing.  

Last night we had a fun dinner with Kristen and then watched Mama Mia.  It was a relaxing evening which was good because today we are heading out for Prescott for the day.  Prescott is about 100 miles north of here and a favorite destination of Kristen and Chris.  I'm sure I'll have stories to tell you tomorrow.


  1. Hi, neat blog.

    Mark Ziewacz

  2. Hi - I am enjoying your travel blog. Sounds like you are having a great vacation in Arizona. When are you coming back to the snow and cold? Thanks for the birthday card. Hi to all.

  3. Thanks Linda and Mark. How is the new job going Mark?

    We hope to come back late in Feb. We are going to California on Feb. 6 to visit friends and Tom's aunt. I've never been to California.

    Did I hear some good news about your family?


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