Arizona Happenings

I read Sharon Mortensen's comment on Facebook about her intention to exercise.  She said that overcame her inner sloth and was on the treadmill.  That will be my intention for the next days. I haven't been accomplishing too much.   I think I was really tired out from my last 2 weeks.  Kristen and I were talking and I realized that within 2 weeks we had driven  from Caledonia to the Soo and back, to North Carolina and then to Phoenix.  Anyway, that is my excuse for totally relaxing yesterday.

Tom got up early to go to the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction.  This is the collector car auction shown on SPEED-TV.  What an experience.  I didn't go because it cost $40 just to get it to watch.  Tom loved it but didn't come home with a new car.

I spent the day getting settled.  The apartment complex has a fitness center so I worked out and then finished unpacking.  Really, I would work for a while and then sit and read or play Scramble on Facebook.  I couldn't resist the temptation to take a cup of coffee and a book and sit out on the balcony.  Also, I'm becoming addicted to Scramble but I'm embarassed to say I am still terrible at it.  I'm slowly improving but not much.  Anyone have any hints on doing well? Maybe there is a book I can get such as "How to Win at Scramble".

I walked to the grocery store and got food for dinner.  After dinner, we had intentions to go shopping for a bed for Kristen.  She graciously gave us hers and has been sleeping on an air mattress.  But after dinner, we all quickly lost motivation and resolved to leave early this morning.

One big thing I have noticed-Kristen works in business and does get done until 5 or 5:30 which puts her home around 6.  But the time you change, eat dinner and relax a bit, it is almost 8:00.  Different schedule than a teacher is used to.

We are missing everyone, so send us your stories and happenings.  Love, Brenda


  1. I miss you, Brenda. As soon as you get home we will get back to walkie-talkie. By then it will be non-icey. I can't wait for you to come back so we can start the routine again. OK? So hurry up. :)


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