Happy Birthday America & Tom

  We have enjoyed many family times in the past few weeks.  Tom has recovered well from his surgeries and we are getting into a routine of chemo and recovery.

This past week we celebrated the Fourth of July along with Tom's 70th birthday. We were at Sandy Pines, the campground where we have a place, for the first party.

We also celebrated our grandson Jack's 15th birthday-even though he has a 70 on his cake.  

Celebrating the red, white and blue

Tom had his second chemo treatment this past week.  Our son Tommy took him.  Tommy’s daughter Anna wanted to go too.  Although she is 13, she knows she wants to become a nurse working especially with pediatric oncology patients.  I was worried that the chemo experience would be scary for her but she was a trooper and learned a great deal.  The nurses were eager to show her what was happening and even had her move her chair in closer so she could see exactly what they were doing.  

The oncology nurse explained to Tom that his reaction to chemo would follow basically the same pattern each time.  After the first treatment, he had three days of not feeling well but then bounced back.  Fatigue was the biggest side effect.  This time they increased his anti-nausea medication so he has been able to eat a bit more.

Sherry helped Tom through the loss of his hair, which happened the day after chemo, by giving Tom this modern look.  

This weekend our niece Melissa was married.  The Benedict family all came to town and celebrated the happy event.

Mel-the beautiful bride

Benedict first cousins

The above picture is: Rose (Tom's sister), Brenda, Tom, Nancy (our sister in law), and Joyce (Tom's youngest sister and mother of the bride).

Today we had a family picnic at Joyce and Bob’s home.  It was to celebrate the extended family being in town and also Tom’s 70th birthday.

Two grandchildren and three great-nieces

Once again, we appreciate all the support shown to us by our family and friends.   We couldn't do this without you!


  1. Love the story and the pictures. Your faces express joy even as you experience the journey you didn't choose. Every time I think of your family i remember the verse where Jesus says, "your faith has healed you." I know the treatments I took for MS were probably mild in comparison, but each week I got a shot and I was sick for 3 days, felt better, then it was time for my shot again. I empathize with Tom. We continue to pray for Tom and all of you who are in this together.

    I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit. Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong.
    Ephesians 3:16‭-‬17 NLT

  2. Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing all this. I agree with Jane, that joy is just radiating out of you all in spite of human sorrow and suffering. Praying for peace, patience, and the ability to persevere through all the pain (all the "p"s weren't intentional, but that is what I'm asking). Love you!


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