The Silo Story

This has been a big week for Busy B's Farm.   After 60+ years of starting guard over the farm, the silo was worn out and had become a danger for anyone in the yard.  Big chunks of concrete would occasionally fall off the top without warning.  It was very clear that removal was our only option.

I took a few pictures from inside the silo in the past few days.
Looking up the silo from the inside

The ladder which Tom climbed daily as a youngster to shovel  down silage.

Tommy and his family and our neighbors all gathered to watch from a safe distance.

The work started with taking off the granary off from around the silo.

Once the granary was taken off, Dave, the contractor, used a sledge hammer to knock holes in the bottom of the silo.  He had a chain attached to guide the direction of the fall.  The plan worked well. This video shows the last two swipes with the sledge hammer.  But there were many swipes before that.  

The girls decided to watch from far away.


Cleaning up the debris.  The whole process took about two hours.

Smoothing out the lawn.

Tom surveying the job.  We are relieved to have such a big job completed safely.


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