4th of July Birthday Party

The crowd at the Cascade Parade on the 4th

Tom's birthday was last Saturday on the 4th, so we had an old-fashioned picnic
at Cascade Park. I reserved the gazebo and it was a wonderful place for a picnic. After watching the Cascade Parade with Mom in the Sunrise bus in the parade, we went to Blimpie to pick up the sub that Kristen had ordered for her dad's big day.

After eating the we played frisbee. All the running and jumping warmed us up on a cool day.

Yesterday, I returned to the Cabin without Tom. He stayed home to work on projects to get ready for our open house next Sunday. Jennifer, Madelynn and Jay came with me and we're having a great time. The weather is wonderful but a little too cool for swimming. We will return to Caledonia on Friday to help tom finish up before the open house on Sunday.


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