Just Following Doctor's Orders

Last week I told you about my fall while I was out running.  This occurred the same day the Hollywood actress died from her injuries in a simple fall while skiing.  This news spurred my daughter to insist that I get checked out by the doctor.  I went to see Dr. Davis that afternoon and she agreed with my opinion that I seemed fine.  However, her instructions for me was the prescription that I'm sure all of you would love to have:
1.  Get lots of rest & sleep
2.  Eat well
3.  No running for a couple of weeks

That kind of life sounds great.  I did relax a bit more than usual the following day.  But then Tom & I babysat the four grandkids for three days and I forgot all about the resting part.  I think I always eat well especially since Sherry left several meals for us.

I hope to return to running tomorrow because I don't seem to have any repercussions from the fall.  Even the scrape on my face is almost all healed.

We have decided to put our house up for sale and that means all the improvements we have always talked about need to be made in the next two weeks.  So I'm moving furniture and junk to get ready for painting but at the same time, I'm trying to reduce the amount of stuff (junk) I have accumulated.  I seem to be a book-junkie and so I have boxes of books on a variety of subjects that are too good to throw out but I'm not sure what to do with them.  We're thinking a big garage sale later this spring.  How does that sound?


  1. doesn't sound like a good idea to me at all.... I think you should just put everything back where it was and stay PUT!

  2. I think I know who you are Auntie ski! Could you be my good friend across the street?

  3. I think one of your children may be interested in books on a wide variety of subjects. Perhaps, they should return home prior to the garage sale to make sure nothing good goes to a stranger.

  4. I assume that Anonymous is probably one of my children who will be returning for Spring Break. I'm hoping to have the garage sale around April 17 so that may work out.

  5. Anything you just want to get rid of you can donate to Sharon Mortenson who has a book business on Ebay or something like that. I know you have some books for Reiman that I sent back with you. Sorry about that. I wonder how I can get those books to him.

  6. auntie ski is very sad that the sign went up across the street today.... :-(((


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