FBR Open

Yesterday Tom and I attended a PGA Tournament in Scottsdale thanks to tickets from Amy.  The tickets included entrance to the tourney and many food venues.

We have no pictures because cameras weren't allowed and we are such rule followers.  There were thousands of people there-even former president Bush (41).  We didn't see him either.

It was a great experience.  It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine but not too hot.  We arrived in to a large parking area and rode a shuttle bus to the entrance.   Then we wound around until we reached the entrance, went through inspection for cameras, cell phones etc..

We were there on the first day of tournament play so the crowds weren't what they will be this weekend.  This allowed us to get good viewing spots at several holes.  Our favorite spot was right next to the green on the 17th hole where we were up front and personal with the players.

The food was great and we enjoyed every part of the day.  This tournament is known for their rowdy crowds.   The media said it was a zoo there on Thursday.  All I can say is they must never have been to a NASCAR race.  That is what I would call rowdy-not what I saw today.


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